Milk Chocolate Covered Biscuits 3.6 OZ (102g)

Items Per Pack: 6 pieces
Items Per Carton: 6 Packs
Carton Weight: 4 kg
Min Order: 5 Cartons


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About the item:


-Milk Chocolate Covered Biscuits: This package contains six milk chocolate-covered biscuits that make for a delicious treat.

-These biscuits are made with real ingredients such as milk and chocolate, which gives them a rich and wholesome flavor.

-They are perfect for special occasions such as weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, and other such celebrations.

-Ensuring quality assurance and freshness. Each biscuit is individually wrapped to maintain its freshness.


Trans Fat: 0%

Cholesterol: Free 0%

GMO: Free

Artificial Coloring: None


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