Estor Tortilla Wraps 25CM/650G

Items Per Carton: 12 Packets
Item Size: 650G
Min Order: 10 Carton



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Estor Tortilla Wraps 25CM/650G provide a delicious and convenient solution for quick meals, crafted from carefully selected, high-quality ingredients. These soft, versatile wraps serve as the perfect base for a variety of fillings. Whether you crave classic burritos, fresh wraps, or creative sandwiches, This Wraps offer an unmatched dining experience wherever you are.

Every bite of Tortilla Wraps showcases their dedication to flavor and texture. The softness of the wrap complements any filling, ensuring each meal is not just satisfying but also enjoyable. Whether you prefer hearty breakfast burritos, wholesome lunch or quick dinner sandwiches on the go, Estor Tortilla cater to every occasion and craving.

In addition to their versatility, Estor Tortilla Wraps are incredibly convenient. Ready to use straight from the pack, they save time without sacrificing taste. Simply fill, fold, and enjoy a meal that’s both convenient and delicious. Ideal for busy individuals, families, or anyone seeking maximum flavor with minimal effort.

Estor Tortilla Wraps 25CM/650G go beyond mere meal options; they elevate your dining experience by transforming everyday ingredients into extraordinary dishes. Explore the perfect blend of convenience, flavor, and satisfaction with every bite of Wraps.


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