Dimah Velvet Rose Black Tea 180G

Items Per Carton: 24 Pieces
Item Size: 180 gram
Min Order: 1 Carton



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Dimah Velvet Rose Black Tea 180G is a luxurious tea blend offering an exceptional drinking experience. This exquisite tea merges the robust flavor of premium Ceylon black tea with delicate, floral notes of rose petals. It creates a perfect harmony of taste and aroma. The Ceylon black tea provides a strong yet smooth flavor profile.

Rose petals add an elegant floral fragrance and a subtle sweetness to the tea. This enhances its overall complexity. The carefully selected rose petals complement the black tea without overpowering it. This balance results in a tea that is both fragrant and flavorful. The velvety finish lingers pleasantly on the palate.

Each sip of Dimah Velvet Rose Black Tea transports you to a place of sophistication and relaxation. The luxurious blend is perfect for moments when you want to indulge in a high-quality tea that offers more than just a beverage. It provides an experience. Whether you enjoy it as a morning pick-me-up or an afternoon delight, this tea elevates your tea-drinking routine.

Dimah Velvet Rose Black Tea is also a great choice for social occasions or a quiet moment of self-care. Its elegant flavor profile makes it versatile. You can enjoy it on its own or paired with light pastries and desserts. The smooth, velvety texture and the beautiful aroma of roses make it ideal for entertaining guests or enjoying a peaceful moment alone.

Dimah Velvet Rose Black Tea 180G showcases the art of tea blending. It combines the best of Ceylon black tea and rose petals to create a tea that is both luxurious and comforting. This tea is perfect for anyone looking to add elegance and indulgence to their tea collection.


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