Dimah Bergamot Black Tea 300G

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Items Per Carton: 24 Pieces
Item Size: 300 gram
Min Order: 1 Carton


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Dimah Bergamot Black Tea is a distinguished blend that pairs the full-bodied richness of Ceylon black tea with the fragrant, citrusy notes of bergamot. This classic combination also offers a refreshing and aromatic tea experience, ideal for any time of day. Enjoy a cup of this exquisite tea for a moment of relaxation and indulgence.

Dimah Bergamot Black Tea combines the richness of Ceylon black tea with the bright, citrusy flavor of bergamot. This blend creates a tea that is both refreshing and aromatic. The full-bodied black tea provides a robust base, while the bergamot adds a delicate, fragrant touch.

The tea leaves used in Dimah Bergamot Black Tea are carefully selected for their quality. This meticulous selection ensures a consistently excellent product. The black tea is sourced from the finest Ceylon plantations, known for their rich, flavorful teas. The addition of bergamot oil enhances the tea’s aroma, making each cup a delight to the senses.

This tea is versatile and can also enjoy at any time of day. In the morning, it provides a refreshing start to your day. In the afternoon, it also offers a perfect pick-me-up. it can also be a soothing way to unwind. Its balanced flavor makes it a great choice for any occasion.

Preparing a cup of Dimah Bergamot Black Tea is simple. Use fresh, boiling water and steep the tea for 3-5 minutes. This also allows the flavors to fully develop. The result is a rich, aromatic tea that is both invigorating and soothing.

You can enjoy Dimah Bergamot Black Tea on its own or with a touch of milk or lemon. The citrus notes of the bergamot pair well with a slice of lemon. Alternatively, a splash of milk can mellow the tea’s robust flavor.

Dimah Bergamot Black Tea offers a premium tea experience. The blend of Ceylon black tea and bergamot creates a unique, aromatic beverage. Whether you are also starting your day or relaxing in the evening, this tea provides a perfect moment of indulgence and relaxation.


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