Dark Chocolate Covered Biscuits 3.6 OZ (102g)

Items Per Pack: 6 pieces
Items Per Carton: 6 Packs
Carton Weight: 4 kg
Min Order: 5 Cartons


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About the item:


Experience the exquisite combination of velvety dark chocolate and crisp biscuits with our Dark Chocolate Covered Biscuits.
Each bite-sized delight boasts a crunchy biscuit center coated in smooth, rich dark chocolate, creating a harmonious balance
of flavors and textures. Indulge in the decadent taste of premium dark chocolate and the satisfying crunch of biscuits with every bite.
Perfect for snacking on the go or as an elegant treat for any occasion, our Dark Chocolate Covered
Biscuits are sure to delight chocolate lovers everywhere.

Trans Fat: 0%

Cholesterol: Free 0%

GMO: Free

Artificial Coloring: None


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