Bivy Deluxe Fabric Softener Fresh Tulip 1,5L

Items Per Carton: 9 Pieces
Item Size: 1.5L
Min Order: 1 Carton


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Bivy Deluxe Fabric Softener Tropical Mysteries 1.5L offers a high-quality fabric conditioning experience. Additionally, it provides your laundry with an exquisite tropical fragrance and unparalleled softness. Moreover, this premium fabric softener blends enchanting tropical scents, transforming your clothes into a sensory delight with every wash.


Furthermore, its advanced formula imparts a long-lasting, captivating fragrance and reduces static cling. As a result, your clothes become easier to manage and iron. The softening agents in Bivy Deluxe Fabric Softener Tropical Mysteries gently condition each fiber in your garments. Consequently, you will feel a luxurious softness against your skin.


Perfect for all types of fabrics, from everyday wear to delicate items, this fabric softener is ideal. It protects and preserves the quality of your clothes, prolonging their life. Additionally, it maintains their vibrant colors. The carefully crafted formula keeps fabrics smooth and fresh, wash after wash.


Experience the tropical allure and superior care of Bivy Deluxe Fabric Softener Tropical Mysteries. The generous 1.5L size provides ample product, ensuring your laundry remains soft, fragrant, and revitalized. Therefore, it is an essential addition to your laundry routine. Enjoy the ultimate combination of softness and a refreshing tropical scent with every use.


One of the best fabric softeners, it helps wash all types of dirty material from your clothes. Additionally, it provides a fresh fragrance. It offers a wonderful experience for all types of laundry and homes. With just a few drops, you will get an amazing and refreshing scent.


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