Bivy Deluxe Fabric Softener Rose’s Dream, 1.5L

Items Per Carton: 9 Pieces&amp;amp;lt;br />Item Size: 1.5L<br />Min Order: 1 Carton




Bivy Deluxe Fabric Softener Roses Dream 1.5L is an exceptional fabric conditioner, designed to elevate your laundry experience. With its superior softening capabilities and enchanting floral fragrance, this product stands out. Infused with the timeless scent of fresh roses, it imparts a long-lasting, delicate aroma. Every wash leaves your clothes smelling like a blooming garden.



The advanced formula of Bivy Deluxe Fabric Softener Roses Dream goes beyond just fragrance. It deeply penetrates fabric fibers, delivering unparalleled softness. Your garments will feel silky smooth and comfortable against your skin. Additionally, this fabric softener effectively reduces static cling and wrinkles. Ironing becomes simpler, and your clothes maintain their pristine condition.



Ideal for all types of fabrics, from everyday wear to delicate items, Bivy Deluxe Fabric Softener Roses Dream is both gentle and effective. It helps protect and preserve the quality of your clothes, prolonging their lifespan. The colors remain vibrant and fresh. Each wash rejuvenates your laundry, ensuring your garments look their best and feel luxurious.



The 1.5L bottle of Bivy Deluxe Fabric Cleaner with Roses Dream offers ample supply for numerous washes. This provides excellent value and convenience. Its thoughtfully crafted formula ensures your laundry emerges from the wash cycle feeling revitalized. Infused with the enchanting scent of roses, it becomes an essential part of your laundry care routine.



Experience the ultimate in fabric care with Bivy Deluxe for Fabric Softener Roses Dream. Enjoy the perfect blend of deep conditioning and captivating fragrance. Transform your laundry into a delightful, sensory experience. With every use, your clothes will be wrapped in the dreamy essence of roses, offering you the luxury and freshness you deserve.


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