Bivy Deluxe Fabric Softener Jasmine Flowers 1.5L

Items Per Carton: 9 Pieces
Item Size: 1.5L
Min Order: 1 Carton



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Introducing Bivy Deluxe Fabric Softener Jasmine Flowers 1.5L, delivering an unparalleled laundry experience with superior fabric conditioning and the enchanting fragrance of fresh jasmine blossoms. Crafted for exquisite softness and captivating floral aroma, this premium fabric softener elevates your laundry routine.



The advanced formula of Bivy Deluxe Fabric Softener Jasmine Flowers deeply penetrates fabric fibers, ensuring garments feel luxuriously smooth and comfortable against your skin. It effectively reduces static cling and wrinkles, streamlining ironing and preserving clothes’ pristine condition.



Perfect for all fabric types, from everyday attire to delicate items, Bivy Deluxe Fabric Cleaner Jasmine Flowers is gentle yet effective. It safeguards and prolongs garment quality, maintaining vibrant colors and freshness with each wash.



The 1.5L bottle provides ample supply for numerous washes, offering excellent value and convenience. Its thoughtfully crafted formula guarantees refreshed laundry infused with the soothing scent of jasmine flowers. Making it an indispensable addition to your routine.



Experience ultimate fabric care with Bivy Deluxe Fabric Cleaner with Jasmine Flowers. Enjoy the perfect fusion of deep conditioning and delightful fragrance, transforming laundry into a luxurious sensory delight. Your clothes will be enveloped in the serene essence of jasmine, providing the softness and freshness you deserve. One of the best and most amazing cleaners, it will remove all the dirt from your clothes. It also makes them so shiny and leaves a fragrance while using it for clothes.


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