Bivy Deluxe Cloth Softener Rose’s Dream, 1.5L

Items Per Carton: 9 Pieces
Item Size: 1.5L
Min Order: 1 Carton



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Bivy Deluxe Cloth Softener Fresh Tulip 1.5L is a premium fabric conditioner that enhances the softness and freshness of your laundry. Infused with the delicate and uplifting scent of fresh tulips, this fabric softener leaves your clothes smelling wonderfully fragrant. Its advanced formula reduces static cling and makes ironing easier, ensuring that your fabrics feel smooth and comfortable against your skin.


Suitable for all types of fabrics, Bivy Deluxe Fabric Softener is designed to protect the fibers in your clothes, prolonging their lifespan and maintaining their quality wash after wash. Whether you are laundering everyday garments, linens, or delicate items, this fabric softener delivers outstanding results.


With Bivy Deluxe Cloth Softener Fresh Tulip, enjoy the luxurious softness and long-lasting freshness that transforms your laundry routine into a delightful experience. The convenient 1.5L size ensures you have plenty of product to keep your clothes looking and feeling their best.


Additionally, the Fresh Tulip scent adds a refreshing aroma that lingers, enhancing your laundry’s appeal. Furthermore, this fabric softener is gentle on sensitive skin, making it ideal for the whole family. You will notice the difference in softness and fragrance immediately.


Moreover, Bivy Deluxe Fabric Softener is environmentally friendly, as its formula is biodegradable and free from harsh chemicals. This ensures that your laundry routine is not only effective but also eco-conscious. Enhance your laundry care with Bivy Deluxe Fabric Softener Fresh Tulip, and enjoy a superior laundry experience.


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