Bivy Deluxe Laundry Detergent Powder Black 3kg

Items Per Carton: 6 Pieces<br />Item Size: 3kg
Min Order: 1 Carton




Bivy Deluxe Laundry Detergent Black 3kg is your go-to solution for keeping your dark and black garments looking their best. Specifically formulated to cater to the unique needs of dark fabrics, this premium laundry detergent effectively removes dirt, grime, and stains while preserving the richness and depth of their color.

Moreover, the advanced formula of Bivy Deluxe Laundry Detergent Black is tough on stains yet gentle on fabrics. It penetrates deep into the fibers, lifting away dirt and residue without fading or dulling the color. Thus, you can say goodbye to dingy blacks and hello to vibrant, like-new garments with every wash.

Furthermore, designed for convenience and versatility, Bivy Deluxe Laundry Detergent Powder Black is suitable for use in all types of washing machines, including high-efficiency and standard models. Whether you prefer top-loading or front-loading machines, this detergent delivers exceptional results, ensuring your dark clothes emerge from the wash cycle clean, fresh, and brilliantly black.

Additionally, with its generous 3kg size, Bivy Deluxe Laundry Cleaner Black offers ample supply to tackle multiple loads of laundry, making it ideal for households of all sizes. Its sturdy packaging is designed to withstand the rigors of everyday use, ensuring that your detergent remains fresh and effective until the last drop.

Ultimately, experience the unbeatable cleaning power and color protection of Bivy Deluxe Laundry Cleaner Black 3kg. From your favorite jeans to your most cherished black dress, trust Bivy Deluxe to keep your dark garments looking flawless, wash after wash.


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